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Green Education in Media

The EU project Green Education in Media (GEM) aims to reconnect media curricula to today’s environmental reality encompassing nature and its phenomena as well as man-made environment. How can digital skills and competencies ref. the creation of digital and virtual worlds occurring as story-worlds in filmmaking, serial writing and games, virtual explorable worlds in XR…

ARt For Futures Lab

Art For Futures Lab

The Art For Futures Lab brings different stakeholders together to interdisciplinary working on the challenges of the 21st century. During the co-creation workshops, regenerative visions and strategies for probable and desirable futures are developed. In collaboration with Film University Babelsberg, the AFFL spreads knowledge about social and technological innovations as well as sustainable practices and…

Ocean Future Lab

Ocean Future Lab

The sustainable use of coasts, seas and oceans is a social challenge that affects us all. The Ocean Future Lab offers space for the co-creative and inspiring design of future scenarios for oceans. Citizens are invited to develop ideas for the future and possible action in exchange with artists and scientists. It was kicked-off in…

Plastic Revolution

The Plastic Revolution

We expand in-depth on art-science-innovation collaborations pushing forward positive narratives and innovative solutions for the plastic epidemic by shifting from problem awareness to sustainability action. In collaboration with mentors, multipliers, educators, and experts from different fields we  address young people to develop solution ideas for a zero-waste future. It is about giving them the means…

Material Lab

Material Lab

School x Science x Art meet at the artistic-experimental Material Lab to research on plastic alternatives, material innovations and technologies. By including it into the school curriculum we enable the young generation to get access to latest research on the burning issue of the plastic epidemic and to apply this directly into their own creations,…

Hybrid Futures

Hybrid Futures

Exploring artistic visions and utopias at the interface of art, science and innovation together with the public is the aim of the festival and lab “Hybrid Futures Berlin – Building meaningful tomorrows”. Which forces can be generated through art-based hybrids? Berlin, with its diversity of cultures, lifestyles and processes of change, being a hub for…

Precious Water

Precious H2O

On the meanings, values and futures of water. Water is the source of life, without water no life. Water is energy, water is memory. On the first sight, water is an unexciting liquid, flavorless and with crystalline structure, yet with the power to transform into different physical states, and to cause geopolitical threats leading to…

Prototyping Europe

Prototyping Europe 2120

By turning today’s burning issues of democracy into inspirational visions, strong values and secret superpowers – from within and from outside – the interactive social art intervention explores the power of art to catalyze change enabling a deep layered critical reflection and actionability for the future of democracy. Our methodology is based on speculative design and…

AI for Future

AI for Future

Knowledge-based future technologies in environmental and climate protection and sustainability are extremely under-represented in comparison to their use in economy. On the one hand, opportunities are often not seen because of the lack of expert knowledge, on the other hand, talent search can not compete with the budgets of the private sector. In order to…