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The Institute for Art and Innovation e.V.
IFAI Berlin
Board of Directors:
Nicole Loeser, Dr. Jessica D.S. Knall Seemeyer, Tatjana Barzi-Vogt, Ida Mai Hess, Claudia Bonacker
Address: Kastanienallee 12, 10435 Berlin
Phone: +49 (0)177 7878578
Registered NGO via Amtsgericht Charlottenburg: VR 23317B


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Images of artworks by
Christoph Both-Asmus, Alex Cote, Diogo da Cruz, Nikolaus Eberstaller, Elmar Hess, Erika Kapronczai, Katrin Korfmann, Barbara Nati, Romy Snijders, Christine Simpson, Wanda Stang, Antoaneta Tica, Lino Tonelotto.

The Institute for Art and Innovation is guided by the Ten Universal Principles and supports the UN-Sustainable Development Goals.

IFAI is a Berlin based think and do tank (NGO) that explores and promotes interdisciplinary connections between art, design, science, and entrepreneurship as a means to foster systemic impact and purpose-driven change. Through diverse, participatory interaction and co-creation formats, they aggregate knowledge from different disciplines based on the NEXUS principle, to show ways of transformation and to motivate people for the success of a regenerative and circular society. IFAI is highly experienced in developing and executing activities such as research, non-formal and open-source education, public debates, and integrative, often transdisciplinary projects. They provide intelligent, innovative strategies and impactful communication methods to involve citizens coming from a diverse range of cultural, professional, and social backgrounds.

The Institute for Art and Innovation is a non-profit organization that bridges artistic and innovative powers to ignite sustainable transformation. Its activities are supported by volunteers with multidisciplinary backgrounds, as well as by grants and donations from organizations and individuals.

IFAI fosters catalysing positive transformation and solutions by facilitation of purpose-driven interventions at the intersection of art, science and technology. Its interdisciplinary projects connect and empower people, initiatives, organizations and networks by providing intelligent, innovative strategies, enriching ideation and research, transferring knowledge, developing regenerative visions, and achieving tangible results.

Sustainability: We are mission-driven and act in the public interest serving people and the planet to thrive.
Integrity: We value people with different backgrounds. We perform on evidence and our principles.
Collaboration: We collaborate in synergy with a global network to succeed in building meaningful and liveable futures.
Honesty: Honest conversations are key and necessary when confronted with uncomfortable truths.
Fairness: We listen actively and deeply and will comment open-mindedly.