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The Social Art Award is an initiative by the Institute for Art and Innovation e.V. to invigorate the rise of social art.

Social Art as any artistic expression that aims at creating social impact and change. This definition delineates the intention of the artist as crucial. Art engages in questioning and rethinking existing systems and paradigms. Artists are visionaries, utopists, agents for change, with the ability to affect society by creating emotionally captivating experiences. It is aesthetic revolution that preludes societal revolution.

The award explores and clusters this field, and seeks to raise attention for social art. Furthermore, the award aims at strengthening the recognition of social artists and the value of their work. Hence, it cherishes the importance of social art for society. All artists and cultural actors are invited to apply to the biennial award with their work they consider relevant for the field of social art. There are no restrictions based on gender, training or nationality.

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